What kind of projects are we looking for?

As many use cases there are for Ethereum, having Pitbull & eMerge Americas as a partner, we are looking specifically for music-related projects. Here are some ideas we have collected to get the ball rolling, but definitely not limited to:

• Represent a song’s copyright as a non-fungible asset, so it can be freely traded, and royalties to the original writer can be paid without intermediaries.

• Collectively curating music through a token curation market, as a means to discover new artists, rewarding them directly as they gain popularity within a platform.

• Creating playlists or arranging festivals, by having a set of curators decide which songs or artists are included in the list, leveraging the power of token curated registries.

• Games for music generation on the blockchain, where the participants collaborate by mix-and-matching pieces of songs, according to a set of established rules.

• Selling concert tickets, represented by tradeable tokens, in an initial ticket offering (equivalent to an ICO), with different crowdsale models.

How will the projects be judged?

At the end of the 1-month development period, a panel of Judges, including the Zeppelin team, will evaluate the submissions, and choose a set of finalists to pitch their projects to Pitbull. We will be using the following judging criteria:

Originality and usefulness: we are looking for original and creative projects, which at the same time are useful and practical, either solving a need or introducing a valid use case within the music space.

Comprehensiveness: we will favour projects that provide an end-to-end solution to the problem they are tackling. A protocol definition by itself, or a set of smart contracts in isolation, will be judged below a project that provides its end-users with a dapp to interact with the contracts.

Design and polish: submitted projects must not “just work”. They need to be easy to use for end-users, providing a nice flow altogether. Minor bugs may be acceptable, as long as they don’t trouble the user experience.

Technology: technological prowess demonstrated in the project is not the focus of the competition. Nevertheless, being developers ourselves, we will certainly award extra points to projects that demonstrate clever hacks, or is particularly impressive when looked under-the-hood.

Zeppelin-based: bonus points will be awarded for projects that base their smart contracts on OpenZeppelin. Even better if they are built on top of zeppelin_os, leveraging the upgradeability features we are rolling out.

What are the rules for participating?

• All projects must be built on Ethereum, and be related to music as their main topic.

• There is no maximum (or minimum) team size enforced. Keep in mind that a large team implies splitting the prize among more people later.

• Every participant must be at least 18 years old. .

• All work on the project must be done within the competition’s 1-month timeframe, though it’s ok to re-use previous or existing ideas.

• Use of open-source software is not just permitted: it’s encouraged.

What are the prizes?

• The winning team will earn $6,000 plus the chance to secure investment to continue developing the project.

• All finalists (up to 3 per dev team) will be flown to Miami, FL through American Airlines for the finale pitch day.

• All finalists will pitch in front of 4 judges (Pitbull, Manny Medina Jr., Emerge Americas exec and Zeppelin exec)

• Public announcement of all finalists.

• Booth space plus success story showcased at Emerge Americas 2019 (April 29 & 30, 2019)